Village of Barrington Hills

A description pursuant to the provisions of FOIA and OMA for the Village of Barrington Hills, as to it's purpose, budget, and organization is as follows:

  1. Our purpose is to serve and fulfill the obligations by statute, ordinance, and regulation as a home rule Municipality organized in the State of Illinois.
  2. An organizational chart can be found at the Village Directory page.
  3. Fiscal Year Operating Budgets can be found here. Funding sources are property and personal property replacement taxes, utility taxes, sales taxes, state and federal grants, fines, and fees. Tax levies are:
    1. Corporate Fund (for general operating expenditures)
    2. Police Protection Fund (for general operating expenditures)
    3. Social Security Fund (provides for employee's FICA costs and related expenses)
    4. Audit Fund (for annual audit and related expenses)
    5. Lighting Fund
    6. Liability and Insurance Fund
    7. Crossing Guard Fund
    8. Unemployment Insurance Fund
    9. Street and Bridge Fund
    10. Retirement Fund (IMRF)
    11. Debt Service Fund (for bond and interest payments)
    12. Police Pension Fund
  4. The Village Hall is located at: 112 Algonquin Road, Barrington Hills, Illinois
  5. The Board of Trustees of the Village of Barrington Hills which generally meets on the third Monday of each month, 6:30 p.m. CST, at Village Hall, exercises control over the policies and procedures of the Village. Its members are: Martin J. McLaughlin, President; Colleen Konicek Hannigan, Pro-Tem; Fritz Gohl, Micheal Harrington, Bryan C. Croll, Michelle Nagy Maison, Brian D. Cecola, Trustees
  6. There are commissions, boards and committees that advise and assist the duties of the Board of Trustees and their title and membership may be found on the Village Directory page.
  7. We have the following number of persons employed:
    1. Full-time: 22
    2. Part-time: 1
  8. The Village is a participating employer in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.
  9. Pursuant to the provisions of Public Act 97-609 (5 ILCS 120/7.3) the compensation for each employee so covered by the posting requirements of the Act can be requested from one of the FOIA Officers at the Village Hall, 112 Algonquin Road, Barrington Hills, Illinois or following the Instructions on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions by Public about OMA, Illinois Attorney General, 09-09-2013